How It Works?


Fill out your Style Survey

Tell us about yourself and your needs- the more we know about you, the better we can understand your style.


Choose a Glow Styling Edit

Decide which of the 2 Glow Styling Services you’d like to receive: Glow Box Edit or Glow Online Edit.


Chat with your Personal Stylist

Your stylist will reach out to You to schedule a consultation to discuss more about what you want and to answer any questions you may have.


Review the Glow Edit

Glow Online Edit: You will review and decide which items You would like to buy directly from the shop.

Glow Box Edit: You will review the clothing items to receive with Glow Box at your door.


Checkout for the Items Chosen

Glow Online Edit: Click on the ‘Go To Shop’ button to purchase directly from the e-shops.

Glow Box Edit: Choose the items to try and checkout to get the Glow Box.


Receive the Glow Box

Decide whether to keep ALL your items in your Glow Box or keep some items and return what you don’t want simply by placing them in the mailing bag provided.


Go out & Glow in Style!

Before you do, make sure to give feedback to your Stylist about the sizes, fits, colours etc. of each item in your box.


You choose your own budget for any of the Glow Edits

You will control your price limit & we will curate the look within your budget.

Whether you set the price limit as £100 or £1500, we will hand-pick the clothes and accessories just for you within your budget.

You pay different styling fees for different style edits

It’s important to choose the most fitted Glow Edit for your needs, preferences and budget. Styling fee varies depending on which Glow Edit you choose.

Glow Box Edit is £97 / Glow Online Edit is £47

You decide which item you will pay

You will choose the items you want to buy from any of the Glow Edits. We will send the items you choose from Glow Box Edit to your door. You will decide which clothing piece you want to shop after you view Glow Online Edit curation.

Delivery & Returns

How long do I have to return an item?

You will have 5 days to decide what to keep and return from the Glow Box clothing pieces we sent to your doorstep.

How long does it take to receive the Glow Edit?

We will do our best to curate your personalised edit within 7 days, whether you choose a Glow Box Edit or Glow Online Edit.

Will I still be charged if I don’t buy any items?

You’ll be charged for the Styling Fee even if you decide not to buy any items simply because the Stylist has already done the work to personalise your Edit.

Do I need to pay the shipping fee?

All delivery and returns are FREE. We take care of the delivery & return fees for Glow Box Edits and Stylist salaries from the Styling Fees you pay.

More about One-on-One Styling

One-on-One Styling is the way to seek assistance with all your styling needs! We can transform
your look and your wardrobe – or just help you learn to edit your existing style to suit your new life.